Hirsinurkka is a Finnish company, based in Majaalahti, Kangasala. Its speciality is log construction.

We make small and large log buildings and furniture, always according to the customer’s wishes. Our product range starts from beds and benches, ending in outdoor cabins and cottages. The logs come from our own forest but we can also use the timber the customer provides. Everything is handmade.



Octagonal log teepee

  • Pine

  • Round notch

  • Dimensions: inner diameter 2.85 m, height 3 m

  • Can also be used as a sauna

Price: on enquiry

Square log frame

  • Pine

  • Dovetail notch

  • Dimensions: 4 x 3.8 m

  • Suitable for smoke sauna, outdoor kitchen, outdoor sleeping cabin, etc.

  • Outer walls grey

  • Inner walls tidily planed, light wood colour

  • Vaalea sisäpinta

Price: 6000 €


  • For three persons, for both indoor and outdoor use

Price: 500 €

Bar counter

  • Six inch thick birch logs

  • Unique diagonal structure

  • Suitable for bar counter, or sales or exhibition desk, etc.

Outdoor toilet

  • Board

  • Bitumen shingle roof

  • To be used as an outdoor toilet e.g. at summer cottage

  • Composting toilet can be easily installed

Price: 1000 €

Outdoor guest cabin or sauna

  • Lower part spruce, upper part pine

  • Round notch

  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.1 m

  • Suitable also for sauna, storage, meat curing house, etc.

Price: 4000 €

Lean-to, square log

  • Pine

  • Long cross notch

  • Dimensions: 4 x 3.2 m

  • With small alterations can also be used as an outdoor kitchen, kiosk, etc.

Price: 2500 €

Woodshed, round log

  • Pine

  • Round notch

  • About 2 cm gaps between the logs to guarantee ventilation

  • Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.1 m

  • Can also be used as a storage

Price: 2000 €

Pet house, round log

  • Pine

  • Round notch

  • Movable roof makes cleaning easy

  • Dimensions: 1 x 1.2 m

  • Suitable for dogs, ducks, chickens, etc.

Price: 800 €

Dog house

  • Long cross notch

  • Pine

  • Dimensions 1.1 x 0.9 m

Price: 800 €

Shoeing a sauna in Kangasala

  • More years for your building



I never get tired of doing what I do. Other people do what they want, I do what I’m best at.

When I choose and cut down trees at the same time I’m taking care of my forest.


I attended a course on log construction in Kurun Metsäoppilaitos. It included theory and constructing three different kinds of buildings. From then on I’ve learned by doing.


Tell me your ideas and hopes and let’s plan the details together. You will get the log building of your dreams.



Log constructing is a long process. The best time to cut down trees is in winter, they are cut to the right length at the same time. Logs are peeled in spring. Constructing the building startS inside, in the construction hall, by choosing the logs and notching them individually. The finishing touches are put on at site.

  • Cutting down the trees in winter to keep moulding to its minimum (fir, pine, aspen, birch, alder)

  • Cutting the logs to the right length

  • Peeling the logs in spring

  • Carving the log frame (sauna, smoke sauna, lean-to, outdoor sleeping cabin, log teepee, barebecue hut, outdoor kitchen, cottage, woodshed, storage, dog house, table, bench, bed, etc.)

  • Notching the corners (dovetail, round notch, long cross, short cross)

  • Drilling the holes for dowels

  • On separate agreement: foundation, transport, insulation, roof waterproofing, doors and windows


This table was designed for the new Kangasala Arts Center in spring 2015. The table is equipped with castors.

Hand-carved log cabin is an exhibition space for Taidetalli Art Gallery in Kangasala.

The unusual roof of this barbecue hut is made according to the customer’s wishes; Kangasala.

A lean-to in Sastamala. Light foundation is enough for a lean-to, such as natural stones or Leca blocks under the corners.

Outdoor cabin in Kangasala, short cross notch.

Barbecue hut in Ruovesi is made of round logs.

Outdoor toilet


Further information.

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Simo Norosoja
Tel. +358 50 438 1994
Majaalahdentie 204
36270 Kangasala